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I Am New!

We're so excited that you found our ministry. Believe us... this is a divine encounter.

Action Chapel Wembley Park, is a multicultural, soul-wining and prayerful church for people from all backgrounds, regardless of their spiritual journey.

As a Church, we are committed to raising champions for the end-time harvest through strategic prayer and the infallible word of God, and to ensuring that you fulfill God’s divine mandate for your life.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to train and develop Christ-like disciples in their God-given gifts and callings.
  • We’re here to glorify God through the fulfillment of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) by making disciples who Worship, Walk and Work for Christ.
  • In our services, our ministries, our music—in everything we do at Action Chapel Wembley Park, our passion and focus are to bring God glory through His Son Jesus Christ.

New members classes are held once a month.

We are overjoyed you are making the decision to become a member of Action Chapel Wembley. Register below to attend the next new member's class.

New Members


The topics discussed during the orientation are designed to motivate the new member to become an avid student of the Bible, an uncompromising doer of God's Word and an effective worker in His church. New members are encouraged to review orientation topics prior to attending the class.

The objective of the membership course is to:

  • Help new members understand and reaffirm their conversion experience and their commitment to Christ and the church.
  • Help new members understand and accept the privileges and responsibilities of church membership.
  • Help new members become growing participants in the ministry of Christian fellowship.
  • Introduce new members to church leadership and the many ministries available to serve them and to enlist them for service.